Paid Media - AdWords & Bing

The biggest advantage of paid media (PPC) is that you have full control over your adverts including where they are placed, how much you spend, how often they are displayed and where your customer is taken to once they are clicked on.

As the fastest and most efficient way to promote your business with instant sales messages which will increase your online sales as well as build on a continuous brand message with constant optimisation.

This makes it much easier to push a sales message that gets respondents to the best page where they can then convert. PPC or pay per click advertising isn't just about sales – it is about brand awareness, content promotion or form/contact submission (lead gen).

Test, Analyse, Optimise, REPEAT!

With so many audiences, platforms and bidding options the experimental opportunites are endless. We want to maximise opportunities for client marketing campaigns so endlessly analyse and opptimise based on smart strategies and actual data.

Free PPC Audit

If you currently have paid advertising such as Google AdWords/Bing/Social Media Advertising – get in touch for a free paid media audit. This includes identifying opportunities to cut waste, optimise your ad delivery and opportunities to grow the campaign to be more profitable.

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